I am passionate about seeing companies not only survive but thrive while navigating the turbulent waters of change that has become our norm.

SQ Unlimited was started in 2013 by Shann van Rensburg, a seasoned change management specialist with a desire to think out of the box and do things differently.

Leading teams and individuals through change for over a decade, while managing, training, coaching and studying people, I have hands-on experience across industries, in South Africa and across the African Continent.

I am obsessed with breaking the mold, doing things differently and making every ‘project’ meaningful and tailored to my clients. I firmly believe that a theoretical, stringent, ‘cookie cutter’ approach merely ticks the boxes but seldom gets real sustainable results and almost never achieves the original business benefits and return on investment.

SQ Unlimited partners with companies, teams and individuals to bring about lasting change and resilient teams.


Email: shannjvr@icloud.com

Call:   082 922 0068