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Our Story

SQ Unlimited was started in 2013 by Shann van Rensburg, a seasoned change management, leadership and team development specialist with vision and imagination to break the mold and do things differently.

We partner with companies, teams and individuals in business, sport and education to bring about lasting change, potency, impact and resilience.

Through our bespoke solutions, workshops,  interventions and coaching we unleash collaboration and potency in each individual and the collective for notable impact, results,  and sustainability.

“I am passionate about seeing companies not only survive but thrive while navigating the turbulent waters of change that has become the norm.”

What we do

We provide the tools, expertise and support to tailor solutions for your unique leadership and team impact needs. Here’s how we’ll make your team thrive


With the power of the GC Index and one-on-one individual consultation, we help each individual to  understand and  unlock their unique potential


Building powerful links for increased collaboration and collective impact, through excellent communication, empathy, honest conversations and conflict resolution skills


During our bespoke workshops to improve team alignment, cohesion and mutual accountability, individuals and teams become indispensable


Driven with purpose & passion to inspire others and become legendary leaders demonstrating positive role modelling and a growth mindset, potent cultures are formed

Why work with us?

We are a roll-up-our-sleeves and get dirty with you team of high energy, passionate out of the box thinkers. We believe in building leadership, impactful results and change capability within your teams while working with you to successfully and sustainably unleash team potency as your number 1 differentiator.

“We see people as the most valuable asset in any team – it is possible for competitors to replicate what we do, but the people dynamic in a potent team is not easy to copy – energy, drive, passion and commitment of individuals gives teams the competitive edge needed to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.”

Passionate about creating lasting success in teams, we partner with leaders to create targeted strategies and interventions to bring about sustainable change and potency while improving motivation and morale.
We bring an outside perspective with an internal mindset combined with heaps of experience in people development, leadership and all types of change. We work with you, cutting out the jargon and academia and simplifying development concepts to make them real and livable in your teams.
We help to separate the wood from the trees to shift mindsets and ignite passion and innovation.

We will leave impactful leaders and individuals equipped to step up and be potent and we’ll always be just a call away to offer support, coaching, guidance, continuous learning and expertise.

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