“Change is not only what happens when implementing projects.  It has become a way of life, and building the skill & resilience to cope, lead and thrive has become key to survival and remaining competitive.”

Who are we?

SQ Unlimited was started in 2013 by Shann van Rensburg, a seasoned change management and leadership development specialist with a desire to think out of the box and do things differently.

Leading teams and individuals through change for over a decade, while  managing, training, coaching, studying people, Shann has  hands-on experience across industries, including hospitality, mining, education and banking both locally and across the African Continent.

Obsessed with breaking the mold, doing things differently and making every ‘project’ meaningful and tailored to her clients. Shann firmly believes that a theoretical, stringent,  ‘cookie cutter’ approach merely ticks the boxes but seldom gets real sustainable results and almost never achieves the original business benefits and return on investment.

SQ Unlimited partners with companies, teams and individuals in business, sport & education to bring about potency, impact & resillience.

“I am passionate about seeing companies not only survive but thrive while navigating the turbulent waters of change that has become the norm.”

How will we help you?

“I have the tools to tailor a solution and help you succeed.”

If you are unsure of whether your leadership has what it takes to thrive

If you don’t seem to be getting the best out of your teams and you’re not sure people are making their most potent impact

If your employees are apathetic and demotivated, drowning in change after change

If you are struggling to get traction on projects or changes and things just don’t seem to take hold

If you are wondering why changes you have implemented are not bringing in returns you expected

If your projects start off well with loads of energy and excitement and then peter out as they progress

Why work with us?

We are a roll-up-our-sleeves and get dirty with you bespoke consulting company, who believe in building leadership & change capability within your organization while working with your leaders & teams to successfully & sustainably unleash team potency as your number 1 differentiator.

People are our biggest asset in teams – what we do can be replicated by our competitors, but the people dynamic in a solid team is not easy to copy – energy, drive passion & commitment of individuals give teams the edge.

In every team the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – if the parts are well oiled and the whole is a collective unit. At SQ Unlimited we provide the tools to grease the most effective executive engines

We facilitate workshops and coach individuals to create strength & resilience to help you ride the next wave of change and not get knocked down by it.

Passionate about seeing true success achieved in organisations, we partner with businesses to create targeted strategies and interventions to bring about sustainable change and potency while improving motivation and morale.

Taking an outside perspective with an internal mindset combined with heaps of experience in people development, leadership and all types of change, We work with you, cutting out the jargon and academia and simplifying development concepts to make them real and livable in your teams. We help to separate the wood from the trees to shift mindsets & ignite passion and innovation.

How to get in touch?

Based in Cape Town, but willing to travel and well versed in working with virtual teams and leveraging modern technology, so most of what we offer can be done remotely.

If you’d like to discuss your needs, ask for advice or get us to quote on the small investment you will make to achieve your anticipated benefits while developing stronger leadership and resilience in your teams.

We’d love to hear from you

Have a blessed day


Email: shann@squnlimited.co.za

Call:  082 922 0068

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